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The Golden Dawn

Hierophant Robe        We welcome you and thank you for your interest in the Golden Dawn. Your investment of time and energy in a true Order attests that you are driven from an inward passion to the “Great Work” and higher development of Spiritual growth through the Magical and Mystical Way of Life. Something deep within yourself has drawn you to create positive changes in your life. You have, I am sure, already explored dozens of occult and metaphysical books, audio lectures and workshops yet none of them quite put the whole thing together for you into a cohesive system. A vast amount of information and other people’s experience is widely available, but none telling how to tap into that for yourself. We all pick up bits and pieces and have had some small yet profound breakthroughs and insights, yet you and I know there is much more to experience.

        The Golden Dawn system is unique in that it provides a structural foundation that brings together many different ancient traditions from which many of the modern metaphysical and spiritual traditions practiced today branched out. This is a journey of self-mastery at every level of your being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and universal. Even a small amount of mastery at any of these levels of being opens the door to growth, peace, and prosperity. The Golden Dawn provides a systematic, structured approach to higher spiritual and magical teachings, which empower you to find the answers hidden within you own soul. This is a powerful system of inner growth and spiritual development that provides the time-tested tools and techniques to unlock your connection to the Universe and understand your purpose in life, how to achieve your highest potential, and how it all comes together in the nature and mysteries of the Universe.

       Hierus Robe If you’re completely new to this area of study, you’ll find that this system of study allows you to work at your own pace. Each member is assigned a personal Proctor to help oversee studies and answer questions when needed. Our unique on-line classes and forums allow members to learn from home as they would if they were attending a local Temple or Healing Center regularly. You will progress step by step through the various teachings and degrees as each lesson is built upon the last and starts you working on building a solid spiritual foundation. This system of organized lessons give you a well rounded approach and a complete understanding of not only the teachings, but how to apply them in your personal life.

        Imagine tapping into the true energies of planetary forces, the ability to understand the deeper symbolism as related in various Tarot cards, understanding how energy affects you, where it comes form and how to properly direct and redirect it. A solid foundation in opening psychic awareness, communication with spirit guides and Angels, being able to channel an influx of Divine light to inspire others or Heal yourself and the World around you. This is an opportunity to build a firm understanding of the energies of the universe and how to direct them toward making positive changes in your daily life.

        The teachings of the Order are as old as time itself. Through the Western Esoteric Tradition and the Historic Golden Dawn System, one can learn the skills to develop the power necessary to achieve the Great Work, communion with your Higher Genius/Divine Aspect. This will lead to mastery in every part of your life. The actual teachings and methods of the Order are the pinnacle of the Western Mystery Tradition. They follow a thin thread of illumination back to antiquity.

Hegemon Robe        If you have already spent years studying Esoteric, metaphysical, and Spiritual teachings you’ll find that the Golden Dawn system puts into perspective a focused approach to the magical arts. No matter your past study or religious background, the Golden Dawn system will expand, empower, embrace and elevate that which you already know, while helping to center yourself into a place of personal empowerment and self-mastery.

        There exists a system of Spiritual attainment suited for the heart and mind of modern men and women. It is oftentimes referred to as the Western Mystery Tradition. The Western Mystery Tradition as taught by the Temple Ptah is designed to lead the aspirant towards Self-Mastery. Self-Mastery is achieved through personal alchemy; it is the state where inner opposing forces within the self no longer conflict but work now in peace and harmony. It is “the self” living in a perpetual state of Light and abundance. It is through Spiritual progression and initiation that the aspirant is prepared to learn the mysteries of the magic of light.

        If you are among the few who have a serious interest in spiritual growth, the use and development of your intuition, the study of Mystical Qabalah, Egyptian Mysteries, philosophy, Tarot, Greek Mysteries, alchemy, astrology, astral travel, clairvoyance, and the magic of light, then the Golden Dawn may be right for you. Our Order is looking to attract sincere and dedicated people who are concerned about personal development and the spiritual advancement of humankind.

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