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The Order of the Golden Dawn

Collegium Spiritu Sancti

Ritual Magic is an in-depth and elaborate form of form of meditation which overcomes the natural tendency of the mind to turn outward by employing sights, sounds, scents, and emotion.  It is said by Names and Images are all powers awakened and reawakened.  Thus the symbols, furnishings, officers, robes, tools, incense, dramatization of a rite, etc., are used to stimulate and focus the mind and the will toward the object or purpose.  Every sight, sound, word and movement within the Temple are an outward reflection of an inward alchemical change.

        Golden Dawn magic which includes Hermetics, Theurgy, Qabalah, Tarot, and Gnosticism to name a few, is one of the most complete systems of esoteric spirituality in the West.  The magical process involved effect each individual in a deep inward personal way which awakens latent forces within.  The grade structure and Initiations open individuals up to specific experience relative to their own personal nature in order to bring about changes to align one with their own Higher Divine Genius.

        Magical Rituals indeed focus ones mind on a specific purpose and open one to paradigm shifts within their own sphere of sensation.  The formula for Magical work when broken into different levels reveals a consecration of the ritual space, a statement of purpose followed by an invocation of specific forces such as Planetary, Zodiacal, Qabbalistic, Angelic, etc…  These forces are set in motion to bring about specific changes as stated in the intention of the rite.  The rite is then concluded with gratitude and a dismissal of any beings or forces invoked.

        The participants in the ritual choose symbolism that is in harmony with the intention of the working.  All the magical implements and accessories such as robes, banners, wands, incense, etc., are carefully coordinated to fit consistently into the symbolism.  Correspondences from various Religions and Spiritual contexts are used to organize the symbolism of the Ritual in a coherent way to give the mind a focal point and increase the intent of the magical operation.

        Magic is a tool for opening the mind of the candidate to higher forces within nature and provides a unique system for tapping into ones highest potential and making deep inner connections with the Divine.  The possibilities are endless when combined with the focus of ones imagination.  Initiation is just the first step; magic itself opens one to the hidden forces surrounding themselves and the world around them.  The Order of the Golden Dawn; Collegium Spiritu Sancti provides a specific course of study which brings an individual to as high as their aspirations may guide them.

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